Relocation Details


We will open on Monday July 1st for our first class at 260 Western Ave in South Portland, 9:30 AM Classic Hot 26. See below for detailed maps and directions. While we will be functionally operational, we are a still a bit rough around the edges. Please be patient while we continue to refine our new studio.

Sunday June 30th is the last day of classes at 49 Dartmouth St. All classes on this day are donation based. We are raising money for a gift to our building manager, Stewart Collins. He has worked tirelessly with us for many years. As an employee of our landlord, we know what he has to put up with, far more often than we do. Please help us to show our appreciation for his services.

The Summer schedule will begin July 1st. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday schedules are the same. The first change is on Wednesday July 3rd, we are dropping the Noon E26, and replacing the 7:30 PM Yin with a 60 Minute Baptiste Power Yoga (BPY). We are closed on July 4th. Friday we bring back the 6:00 AM E26, replace the Noon E26 with a 60 minute BPY, and drop the 3:30 PM C26. The full schedule will go out in an email shortly and get updated on MBO before Monday. Many of you seem to not get our emails, please check your spam folders, or update your email in your MBO account.

Closing ceremony will be more like a demolition party. The chaos will begin around 8:00 PM Sunday 6/30. I have no idea what will actually be required or accomplished!!!

Dear Students,

It is with great exuberance, and a bit of trepidation, that we announce our relocation, just down the road, to our new and improved facility at 260 Western Ave in South Portland. While we will always be grateful for the space we’ve created over the past 17 years, we have also struggled with a wide variety of problems inherent with the building. We have poured a lot of our resources into trying, much in vain, to improve our current studio, while dreaming of a moving into a new space.

Our new location is ground level, has new hardwood floors, ample space, and plenty of free parking. It is easy to access from both 295 and 95. The building is single story, quiet, well cared for, and best of all, we have fresh air and daylight, enabling us to manage our heat and humidity much more effectively.

The facility was renovated about three years ago by Align Health to offer yoga to their Chiropractic patients. For various reasons, they offered the space to us recently, and we have been scrambling to make it work. This was an opportunity we simply could not let slip past. Our lease at 49 Dartmouth St. ends on June 30th. We will do everything in our power to open at 260 Western by July 1st.

Here is a map showing our current location, and the new location, with some possible access routes highlighted. From the Forest Ave 295 exit (6B) to 260 Western takes about 6-8 minutes. There are times when it takes me that long just to travel along forest avenue from exit 6B to our current parking lot! From South Portland and Cape Elizabeth you can avoid the Casco Bay bridge entirely via Broadway, Westbrook St., or Pleasant Hill Rd. From points north or south, traveling along 95, take exit 46 to avoid the Maine Mall area. Traveling southbound on 295 take exit 3, Western Ave. From the West, routes 114, 22, 25 will get you there, with various alternatives that you already know. If you like to ride your bicycle from Portland, travel along Congress, veer onto Johnson, which becomes Western Ave. The city of Portland has become quite congested with traffic, parking problems, and road construction everywhere.  From what we understand, it will get worse. We are happy to escape this quagmire.

Our Location

260 Western Ave Suite 1A, South Portland, ME 04106, United States

This is a more recent picture of our front entrance. There is a large and mostly unused parking lot to the left.


Change is difficult, abrupt change, even more so. We will gladly accept any offers to assist us in the dismantling of our current space, and renovations at the new one. If you are willing and able to help us, please reply to this email and let us know what you could offer. Specifically, we need someone with carpentry skills to build new benches and shoe racks, skilled interior painters, and help with moving some heavy furniture. Fortunately, we do not have to do much at the new location, except insulate and refinish the wall for the mirrors. We have a professional team upgrading the heating system.

We have also created a crowd funding campaign to support our efforts. Needless to say, this is an expensive move, and we could use all the help we can get. Follow this link, if you are so inclined.

We will provide further details as we go along and hope that this transition is invigorating and empowering for our community. How many of you have tried to convince your friends to join you, only to discover that they were put off by the “mixed aromas,” or the “carpet” on the floor? We are happy to remove these obstacles so that you can emphatically share the benefits of our yoga, without having to mention the drawbacks of basement space.

With Love, Gratitude, and Adventure,

Angela, Michael, & Our Team of Amazing Teachers

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