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Classic Hot 26 

The Ghosh Lineage is centered on using a series of 84 Therapeutic Hatha Yoga Postures to achieve optimum physical and mental health. The Hot 26 takes 26 of these 84 postures and arranges them in a way to systematically work through the entire body.  This is sometimes called the”bikram method” and  is a 90 minute sequence of 26 safe and accessible postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in a room heated over 100° F. Designed for all levels of ability and body types, this class will strengthen and elongate all muscles, cleanse and detoxify cells, irrigate and revitalize joints, and increase cardiovascular stamina.  The repeated sequence provides a frame of reference to witness the changes within yourself that result from a consistent practice. Most of our classes on the schedule are this class. It is safe and effective for all body types. Our “Postures” Page has photographs of each of the postures in this series.

Core 40

The Core 40 class is a 90 minute class that builds on the Classic Hot 26 but introduces a variety of alternate postures geared toward upper body strength and balance, hip opening, core strengthening and deeper range of motion through the spine. This is a beginner friendly intermediate class. We encourage all levels to participate but it is best to first develop a good foundation of the techniques and theory taught in the Hot 26 class.  Each posture is only done once, modifications and alternative postures are suggested as needed.  The room temperature is kept at about 95° F.

Express 26

This is similar to the 90 minute Classic Hot 26, but only 60 minutes. We offer this class at the Noon time slot Monday, Wednesday and Friday so you can squeeze in a practice to the busy day. We have reorganized the sequence slightly and dropped a second set off of a couple of postures. we removed much of the “in-between” time and will keep the verbal instructions safe, effective, but less.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga targets the deep, dense connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine primarily. Most postures are floor based with longer hold times of 1 to 5 minutes. Create more space and mobility in the joints, open up the energetic pathways for free flowing chi, and go beyond limits the mind places on the body. This practice wonderfully complements other athletic activities including yoga, running, cycling, and winter sports. Expect a relaxed atmosphere and a meditative practice in a warm studio.


This class is taught by Kristen Boze who is certified in the Barken Method of hot yoga. It is a 90 minute class accompanied by music that blends the fundamentals of the Classic Hot 26 practice with sun salutations, a variety of standing postures, Pilates inspired core strengthening exercises, back strengthening postures, and hip openers. All classes will be a bit different and always FUN!


Child Care:  FREE Babysitting!! No pre-registration is needed. We offer this service at our Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30 AM class and also at our Saturday 9:00 AM class. Call if you have any questions. Please take advantage of this opportunity for some personal time, you deserve it. Ages 6 months on up are welcome. We have a dedicated, qualified and caring staff to take care of your child(ren) while you practice. (Please do not bring any food or drinks into the child care room, except for water or a baby bottle.)

Community Class:  Always Saturdays at 4:00 PM and occasionally, special holiday classes.  We use this class for a variety of reasons.  We raise money for charities, families, and studio upgrades.  We provide one class a week that is cheaper than all the other classes.  While the suggested contribution is $10, the minimum is only $5.  In order to attend our studio at this class time you must pay separately, regardless of your other existing membership(s) with us.  We are currently raising money to finance a series significant cosmetic and functional improvements including a comprehensive heating and ventilation system, a replacement mirror, an extended acoustic ceiling, new lighting, new carpet, and new paint.  We hope you enjoy the improvements.   In September of 2014 we donated the month’s funds to Safe Passage, a local charity providing assistance to children in Guatemala.  We have also donated funds to The United Way, Animal Refuge League and a wide variety of other charities.   We have donated funds to friends and families in difficult circumstances.

Recovery Community Class: On Sundays at 6:00 PM we offer an additional sliding scale class with the intention of supporting those that are on the path of addiction recovery. The class is our 90 minute Classic Hot 26 class. Again the suggested contribution is $10 and the minimum is $5 and everyone that attends must pay regardless of other existing memberships you may have with us.  We provided this class at the request of one of our students that is active in supporting the recovery community. It is really an invitation to a safe place of healing and self-empowerment. When we feel overwhelmed and troubled we often isolate ourselves which just makes us feel worse. This class will help break that cycle of negative emotions and encourage a healthy approach to coping with stress, trauma and the daily grind. We invite you to experience the transformative benefits of this yoga practice as you work to overcome obstacles and create integrity. The class is open to anyone as we all struggle with attachments in some way or another.


We offer a wide variety of membership options

New Student Special 30 Days / $30
Single Class $16 /$13*/ $5***
10 Class Card $135/$110**
30 Day Unlimited $140
Yearly Unlimited $1100
Private Class $100/ hr
Direct Debit 30 Days $99/ 30 Days
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