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    Breathe Freely! Enjoy you healing journey with us. Classes 7 Days a week, drop-in anytime. Please bring your own mats, towels, and water. We do not rent or sell these items.

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What is Hatha Yoga?


The Classic 26 and Express 26 classes are structured sequences of safe and accessible yoga postures, and two specific breathing exercises. The postures are each held for a certain time, then we return to stillness, either standing or prone. This alternation between active engagement and active softness, allows time for the body to integrate, the mind to clear, and the heart to remain steady.

The predictable structure of the class allows you to remain grounded in present experience, rather than distracted by what posture is next. With just a few classes, you begin your journey as your own teacher. Observing yourself in present activity offers many lessons. We learn about ourselves, through ourselves.

Instruction is verbal and non-invasive. We provide clear directions to perform postures, and offer suggestions that challenge you to look within, for ways to overcome limitations, physical, mental, and emotional. Our room is heated, we use a full length mirror wall and adequate illumination to benefit visual alignment, and to allow you to reflect upon yourself as you are.

To clearly see, and then accept yourself as you are, is powerful, engendering compassion for yourself and others. This is a healing path, built on the foundation of acceptance, empowering you to claim responsibility for your well-being.

We do not play music. In the context of the Classic 26 practice, we find that music is a distraction.

We do not touch your body. We encourage you to learn by observing your actions and their consequences.  Applying external force, even light touch, to move you into place, removes your sovereignty and responsibility, and gives it to someone else. This is antithetical to our philosophy.

We do not shower you with platitudes. Relying on external praise is dis-empowering and establishes false expectations.

We emphasize breathing, alignment, and stability, to promote a safe and fulfilling long term practice. A consistent practice will benefit your life in numerous ways. While short term benefits are quickly evident, the long term benefits are far more valuable. Life is full of tiny wounds. Unless you actively work to heal these, you passively invite their accumulated consequences. Maintaining health and vitality requires work, dedication, and commitment. Maine Hatha Yoga offers a safe space for you to give this energy to yourself.

Ages over 11 and all abilities are welcome and encouraged.

The heat allows for deeper range of motion, promotes cellular cleansing through perspiration and strengthens the heart and lungs.

PLEASE bring your own mats, towels, and waters. We do not supply them.

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