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Recovery Scholarship

If you are actively involved in the early stages of recovery from substance use disorders you may qualify for one of our scholarship programs. We believe that a consistent yoga practice benefits recovery in a variety of ways. We offer five scholarships for unlimited access to our yoga classes.

There are several requirements for receiving the scholarship:
1. You must be either at an active recovery residence or attend a weekly program.
2. You must be in the active and early stages of recovery.
3. You must provide a letter of recommendation from a sponsor or program supervisor, it may be anonymous.
4. You must perform weekly volunteer work, either at MHY or within your community.
5. You must maintain a practice of no less than four classes per week.
6. You must be in need of financial assistance.

Please email us if you are interested.

Here is a testimonial from a recent recipient:

“Maine Hath Yoga’s Recovery Scholarship has strengthen my will to live a better life free from alcohol and drugs. Integrating 4-5 classes a week for four months resulted not only in a physical but mental and emotional transformation. For me this transformation was vital preparation to become a committed member of Alcoholic Anonymous. I consider MHY and AA to be safe havens built upon identical spiritual principles … acceptance, perseverance, and compassion … Etc. Both are working with higher forces, powers greater than ourselves. Notice the Sun and Moon in Hatha’s logo!

Once upon a dark time before MYH, my severe anxiety hindered my progress in recovery and in life. I searched far and wide for many solutions including medications and other physical outlets. Over time spent at MHY’s studio, I’ve been able to get back on track by recommitting to a 12 Step Program. Now I am doing so without the need for pharmaceuticals. Major! Attending MHY regularly is the remedy to my anxiety and this remedy allows me to show up for my recovery. I joke that time invested in MHY is equivalent to brain surgery!

MHY instructors provide out of this world guidance to encourage a loving relationship with myself. During class, it is encouraged to practice engaging the physical and mental ucomfortability consciously. By doing so, I feel as though I am imprinting positive experiences in relations with myself. These experiences are the blueprints to do the work off the mat.

Conscious Breath Work is emphasized throughout class. To breathe is a funny thing to someone who struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. MHY has successfully taught me to match my breath with my intention and as long as my breath meets my intention all will be well. This practice is so important to me while working the 12 steps and digging up uncomfortable feelings, emotions and traumatic events. I find the courage to be a part of the fellowship by being a part of MHY.

I’m humbled by Maine Hatha’s efforts to help the Recovery Community. These guys play a big part in the help!
The scholarship has saved my life in recovery. Thank you Maine Hatha!”

Another testimonial…

“My journey with yoga began when I was 27 in 2010. I was in a completely broken state in every way
possible and had very little hope that I would make it to 30 years old alive. The majority of my twenties
up until that point was spent living the lifestyle of an addict –After a lifetime of trauma and an open
heart surgery at 21 I found what soothed me most and it was drugs. One thing led to another after my
surgery and I ran from every aspect of my life for a long time. I was in and out of treatment more than
12 times and wanted to desperately to be free from this cycle – but nothing clicked.
My first experience with yoga was in a rehab in 2010. It was the first glimpse of hope I had experienced
in a long time and I started daydreaming about being a yoga teacher and having a healthy and free life. I
continued to practice as often as I could. This was the beginning of my recovery journey.
I moved to Maine in 2011 and started practicing at Maine Hatha Yoga. My body loved the heat – with
every class my spirit felt a little bit lighter and my body was a little bit healthier. I loved the mirror –It
helped me to love myself and be kinder to myself. Although it took me a while to look myself in the eyes
– I noticed once this happened in my process I was able to more confidently look others in the eyes.
While I had a few slip ups over the next two years I continued being committed to my practice – and
was presented the opportunity to go to yoga teacher training in 2012. I did a 9 week training and came
back excited to share my truth and find my voice. I began teaching at Maine Hatha right away and
Angela and Michael were so supportive through this process.
My biggest goal in becoming a yoga teacher was to help others experiencing substance use disorders. I
had an opportunity to start a chapter of a non profit called “One Posture at a Time” which brought the
practice of yoga into recovery centers and rehabs. This was an amazing experience and while my part in
it ended within a year many people benefitted from it and the work I started continues on.
I did all the things I dreamed of that I thought I might never have – got married and have a growing
family – a business that supports so many through my other passion which is plant medicine – and a
loving and supportive relationship with myself, my friends and a repaired relationship with my family.
While a physical yoga practice isn’t a big a part of my life as it was a few years ago – I have not lost the
gifts I have gained and through this work and I live a very fulfilling and beautiful life because of this
Recovery is possible. There are many paths to recovery and different things work for different people.
Yoga was the biggest propeller forward for me. Hard work, determination and dedication pay off. If you
want something bad enough keep taking a couple steps down different paths until you find the right
way for YOU. Nothing good and worth having comes easy.”

In 2015 Angela organized and produced the Yoga and Mindfulness for Recovery Conference. Below are links to the videos of the speakers. They can all be found on our youtube channel.

Angela Weymouth

Kelly Benson

Jeanne Heaton

Joe Putignano

Chris Grosso