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Student Testimonials

“The fact that I’ve been a student at Maine Hatha Yoga for more than 10 years now is a testament in and of itself, but allow me to share just a few of the ways that Michael, Angela and their talented staff have helped me transform my life.  On a physical level, the benefits are numerous:  improved sleep, a body that feels good to be in and live in, freedom from pain, maintenance of a healthy body weight as I age, an amazing improvement in lung capacity which helps with all other sports and skin that glows are just a few!  People tell me ALL THE TIME that they can’t believe I am as old as I am.  I tell them, “It’s the yoga.”  Spiritual benefits for me include cultivating an increased ability to focus completely on one thing at a time, opening to change and growth with a sense of wonder and excitement and a deep feeling of calm and wellbeing that ripples through my life outside the practice room.  Emotional benefits of hot hatha yoga have been especially striking for me.  In the time I’ve been practicing, I went from being depressed and pestered by PMS symptoms to feeling vibrant, energized and buoyant on such a consistent basis that I have been off anti-depressant medication for many years. More recently, my yoga practice has helped keep symptoms of menopause totally in check.  I feel confident, focused, energized and ready for life’s ups and downs when I practice consistently.  This yoga makes me a better person inside and out.  It’s as simple as that.  A life without hot hatha yoga is no life at all for me.
I’ve heard all the reasons people don’t think hot hatha yoga is for them…. “I don’t like the heat.”   “I can’t handle humidity.” “I’m too fat/old/inflexible/unathletic/embarrassed to begin.”  I feel so sad that these people allow these stories they tell themselves to keep them out of the room.  My experience has been that those who actually attend a class LOVE it and keep coming back.  Yes, it’s hot.  Sometimes it’s stinky.  The room may be full and you WILL see yourself in that mirror the whole time.  You’ll also look all around you and see people of all shapes, sizes and ages struggling and working at their own level to make small improvements in their practice day by day, class by class.  Simply showing up and facing yourself is acknowledged and applauded in our practice room.  We all begin where we are and build our practice from there.  What’s better than to face yourself and begin to grow, begin to overcome challenges and limitations, move in a new, better, healthier direction?  I say, “why not today?”  It could be just the thing to transform YOUR life, just as it has mine.  I’ll see you there!” -Julie Bernier

“My journey to finding wellness began ten years ago with a misdiagnosis. However, two years ago I was given a proper diagnosis of Lyme disease and have been seeking various forms of treatment, some allopathic and others holistic. At Maine Hatha Yoga the instructors often emphasize that yoga is both a practice and a process. In many ways this mirrors my journey toward wellness, and life in general. Though the twenty six postures and other available classes are never easy, they are a rewarding challenge that have helped me break through stagnate areas within myself and within my path to health. I recommend this practice for just about anyone, because it has helped me both mentally and physically. I recommend this studio because the instructors emphasize alignment, safety, patience, kindness, compassion, and respect. If you are looking for a transformative yoga experience, then Maine Hatha Yoga is the studio for you.” Mason Friedman

“As distance runners, we understand the importance of strength, flexibility and balance.  Unfortunately, running actually impairs our abilities in these areas, particularly as we get older.  For many of us, running creates imbalances that can lead to injury.  Luckily, Bikram yoga is the perfect complement to running.  With bikram, we can improve our strength, flexibility and balance and thereby decrease the chance of injury.  Also, the heat and 90 minute length of a bikram class allow us to work on endurance without all of the pounding of running.  I’ve been attending bikram classes for 8 years as a complement to running and can say without hesitation that if it weren’t for bikram, I might not be running at all anymore.” -Melanie Decker

“I walked into my first Bikram Yoga class 6 years ago. I was looking for something to get me through the tough Maine winters and I thought “ Hot Yoga” would do it. I went with my friend to my first class. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and sweat pants. I had yet made a commitment to buy some things, what if I hated it? So I enter the room, I feel the intense heat and I quickly realize my attire is way off, since everyone is in shorts, sports bra or shirtless. I took a deep breath and said to myself “ ok I gave birth 3xs I can do this”. The class was a challenge, I had never in my life sweated from my eyeballs but apparently you can. I didn’t want to return, it was hard and people were “better than me” but for some reason after I fell asleep at 6:30 that evening and woke up the next day at 6:30am. I knew instinctively this was good for me. So, I went back. It was hard again. I went home and my body temperature was all over the place, I had chills, then I would sweat. I called my Dr. husband and asked if I was going to die. I thought my inner thermostat had permanently been damaged. He quickly said “no you will live” I believed him since he should know. I had bought the 30 day special so I felt committed to get my money’s worth in truth with no intention of buying another pass. I went to my 3rd class and that is when the magic of Hatha took over. I remembered the sequence this time, I knew what was coming up and now I could focus on my breath. I realized after this class, it wasn’t the heat, it wasn’t the poses it was the breath that I needed to focus on. For years, I had been shallow breathing through my life. I was in a constant state of fight or flight. My body didn’t know how it felt to have a deep breath. You see, I came from a dark childhood of abuse. My body never knew safety, my mind never knew peace, and my soul only knew discomfort. After my third class, my body knew breath for the first time. I felt a change on a very deep level but I couldn’t put words to it yet. I now felt compelled to come back, my body was speaking to me. I had so many things energetically locked in my body, this practice was cracking me open. The childhood pain was sweating out of my body, It was as if the sweat streaming from every pore was tears that needed to be released. I honored that energetic movement, I honored the tears of sweat pouring form my soul, I was beginning to heal. I started to notice in my life that I wanted to eat better, I wanted to drink less alcohol, caffeine, be kinder to others and especially myself. I wanted to write, release and become in tuned with nature. My life truly shifted from a tightly wound knot, to an open, compassionate and happy being. I absolutely put this practice as the catalyst for my inner healing, physically and emotionally. Today, I sit here as a student of Hatha and teacher in training. I owe so much to this practice. It is my hope to share this beautiful practice with others and put them on their own path to healing. I am forever grateful to the beautiful art and life of Hatha. ” Jennifer Fox