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To create an ideal space for yoga practice we ask you to respect the following:

  • Please arrive on time for class, new students should arrive 15 minutes early to register.
  • The yoga room is a silence space. Please respect this before, during, and after your practice.
  • In busy classes, accomodate those around you by moving your mat when needed.
  • During your practice please do your best to remain still between postures and focus on yourself.
  • Try to remain in the room for all of your practice.
  • If you do find it necessary to leave, please do so between postures.
  • After practice please wait for the teacher to leave before exiting the yoga room.
  • Allow at least two minutes in final savasana.
  • If you are using the showers, please limit yourself to two minutes as other students will be waiting.
  • Please do not spray perfume or cologne inside the yoga studio.
  • This is a cell phone free zone. Please turn them off prior to entering the studio.